Not everyone has the luxury of taking photos with their chosen wedding photographer before their wedding day (especially if the couple has chosen a destination wedding). If it’s possible to hire the same photographer to shoot your engagement, bridal and wedding photos, there are definitely some advantages to doing so including …

1. Engagement shoots are an opportunity to get comfortable with the shooting style and personality of the photographer.

Wedding day is already chaotic enough without the added stress of a total stranger documenting the most intimate parts of the day. Already knowing the photographer will take away the anxiety of being photographed on the wedding day and ensure that the couple looks natural in photos.

2. Seeing the engagement photos will give clients a realistic expectation for the wedding photos.

 In an ideal world, everyone would love every photo ever taken of themselves. Sadly, that is often not the case (thanks for the unrealistic expectations, celebrities!). The opportunity to have a “trial round” with the photographer is invaluable: it will give you insight into what he or she will (or will not) Photoshop; what the couple’s skin tone looks like in the photographer’s post processing; and more.

Side note: If it’s possible, also have the wedding hair and makeup team do the styling for engagement and/or bridal shoots. That way, for better or for worse, the client will be able to offer constructive feedback to the entire team well before the wedding day arrives.

 3. The engagement, bridal and wedding photos will have a  consistent look.

If different photographers photograph each shoot, the images may look odd when placed side by side (especially if the photographers’ processing styles are on opposite ends of the spectrum). Hiring the same photographer for all wedding-related shoots guarantees the images will look like they belong together on the same wall. 

*Photo courtesy of Rob + Kristen Photography