Hopefully, now that you’ve got a great pack list put together for the morning of your wedding, you won’t forget anything! Even with a great pack list, we often seen brides and grooms forget about non-tangible items. Here are the top-5 things most couples forget on their wedding morning (that you can’t put on a pack list!). 


1. Eating Breakfast/Lunch

It is so important to stay hydrated, fueled and energized on wedding day. It’s a very long day and an important day, so you want to be sure you are totally alert the whole time! Especially if hair and makeup starts very early for the bride, make sure you have some sort of breakfast delivered to your room. Same goes for lunch, for both the bride/bridesmaids and the groom/groomsmen groups. 


2. Collecting Your Details For Your Photographer

Your photographer will likely want to get a few details shots of things that were hopefully on your pack list. Things like your veil, shoes, rings, jewelry, etc. You might also want to include some of your wedding stationary. Even if you remembered to bring all of these things, make it easier on yourself and put them all together in a box for the photographer. That way, when they get there all you have to do is hand over the box and let them get to work rather than run around and find everything that is scattered about. 


3. Exchanging Letters/Gifts

Even though you may have remembered to pack the gift for your significant other, don’t forget to actually exchange them! Let your MOH know so she can help you all remember. Send her over to the boy's room with the groom's gift and to pick up your gift. Don’t forget to let your photographer know so they can get pictures of it!


4. Unpack Things

When you get to your getting ready location, make sure you unpack all of your stuff. This will really be the only way you’ll be able to tell if you forgot anything!


5. Relax and Enjoy!

Most importantly, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the day! All your hard work and planning has come to an end, so make sure you remember to enjoy it!


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Photo Credit: Jack Robert Photography