Shopping for a hair and makeup artist,well any vendor really, is just like shopping for the perfect dress. You may have to try on a few different ones before finding the right one. You have to find one that not only looks good, but it feels good. Not just do you like what you see in the pictures of their work, but do you trust them? So, what’s the best way to make sure you’ve found the right beauty artist? Ask these top five questions!


How many weddings have you done?

You want to make sure your wedding day vendor team is composed of experienced professionals. At Bustld, we require all of our listed beauty artists to have worked at least 10 weddings to ensure they are qualified. 


What do your packages include?

Each beauty artist will have different packages. Some will offer just hair, some will offer makeup, and some will offer both. Find out what the packages include in regards to a trial, number of hours on-site, travel to your getting ready location and how many artists. It’s also important to ask if there is a minimum. Meaning do you have to commit to a certain spend or a certain number of services to book them. Also, if there is more than one artist in the company, ask how they assign artists or if there is a fee to request someone. 


How many weddings do you take on in one weekend?

Some companies have more than one artist on their team, so if they take more than one wedding a weekend understand how it’s broken down. If there is only one artist at the company and they take more than one wedding one on a given day, that might raise a red flag. However, it would be normal for them to take a Friday wedding and a Saturday wedding.


Will you be my artist?

Like we just touched on, it’s possible the company will have more than one artist on their team. If that’s the case, check and ask who is available on your date. If it’s not the artist you had a consultation with, you might want to set up a consultation with the artist that would work on your wedding before committing just to be sure you mesh well! If you saw pictures from the company that you liked, ask who worked on those and request they be your artist. 


What kind of products do you use?

It’s important to understand what is going on your skin and in your hair, especially if you are sensitive or picky. Are you into natural makeup? Do you know of a specific brand that makes your skin break out? Are you a hair spray connoisseur and particular about what kind is used? Also, if you are looking for an artist that specializes in airbrush, that’s definitely something to ask about.


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Photo Credit: J. B. Haygood Photography