Shopping for a band or DJ,well any vendor really, is just like shopping for the perfect dress. You may have to try on a few different ones before finding the right one. You have to find one that not only sounds good, but it feels right. Not just do you like what you hear, but do you trust them? So, what’s the best way to make sure you’ve found the right entertainer? Ask these top five questions!


How many weddings have you done and have you worked at my venue?

You want to make sure your wedding day vendor team is composed of experienced professionals. At Bustld, we require all of our listed entertainers to have worked at least 10 weddings to ensure they are qualified. For a band it’s always super helpful if they have worked at your venue before. This way they will know what kind of set up and power they are working with, loading in and out and any restrictions. For a DJ, there is not as much set up, so it doesn’t matter as much. It’s never a deal breaker if they haven’t worked there before but make sure they know everything they should ahead of time. 


What kind of packages do you offer? 

Each entertainer will have different packages. Some will offer reception entertainment only, some will offer reception and cocktail hour, some might have a ceremony option, some may even have some uplighting and dance floor packages. For bands, there may be different musical instrument or lead singer options, so find out what is standard and what is extra. Understand how each package is laid out and what exactly it includes, how many set ups and for how many hours. 


How many weddings do you take on in one weekend?

For DJs, some companies have multiple DJs, so if they take more than one wedding a weekend understand how it’s broken down. How many will your assigned DJ be working? You don’t want someone who is going to be tired, already having done two events that weekend. For a band, there is obviously only one of that band so make sure you address their work load for your weekend. 


Do you have a go-to play list or do you special in a certain type of music? 

If you are looking for a DJ or band that specializes in a specific genre, make sure you tailor your search to that and ask during your consultation. You want a DJ who is has a few go-to songs, but will also read the room and play what the guests are enjoying. Find out if the DJ takes requests, if you can submit a “do not play” list and if you have creative control over the “big moment” songs like first dances and cake cutting. If it’s a band, find out if they play all their music live or if they use any recorded music. If there is an absolute “must have” song that might not be that popular, check with your entertainer if they have the song in the library or repertoire or if there might be a charge to download or learn new music. 


Who is the emcee and what is the style?

Often times, the DJ and the emcee are the same person, but sometimes it is a two person team with a designated DJ who only play music and a separate emcee. For a band, the emcee is often a band member but can differ. The emcee will ultimately be the voice of your wedding, so it’s important you feel comfortable with that person and their style. Do you want someone hyping up the crowd and getting people on the dance floor, or do you just want someone who is going to play good music and make short announcements for the moments that matter, like the bouquet toss?


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Photo Courtesy of Bunn DJ Company