Congratulations, you’re engaged! What an exciting time this is going to be. You’ll get to go taste cakes, look at venues and pick out flowers– but before all that happens make sure you check these five things off your list first.


1. Notify Family and Friends

We know, you want to show off that sparkly diamond with the perfect ring selfie and let the world know. But, before you do that, make sure to let your loved ones know first! Avoid any hurt feelings by calling your parents, siblings, grandparents, best friends, etc. before posting anything about the engagement on social media. Think about it this way, if your sister got engaged wouldn’t you be upset if she didn’t call you before posting it to Instagram?


2. Insure Ring

That big sparkly diamond wasn’t cheap so make sure you get it insured immediately! It can be a very uneasy feeling to walk around with that much worth on your finger and no insurance to back it up. Check about adding it to your homeowner’s insurance policy or taking out a separate policy. 


3. Create a Pinterest Board

Before you start all the planning, you’ve got to have inspiration! Start a Pinterest board (if you haven’t already) or start cleaning up and adding to your current board to help decide what direction you might want to take with the style. Most likely any vendor meeting you go on will include asking to see inspiration pictures of what you are looking for. 


4. Celebrate

You just got engaged, so celebrate it!! Whether you go out for drinks with family or friends or you have a full blown engagement party, it is definitely something worth celebrating so take advantage of this time! Also, take advantage of the fact that the planning hasn’t started to overwhelm or stress you out yet and enjoy these beginning moments!


5. Budget

Now, the planning starts and the first thing in the planning process is to budget. Unfortunately, this is the least fun part but probably the most important. Setting a budget and understanding that budget is key to planning the wedding of your dreams. It will set the limitations on what is feasible compared to what you might be dreaming of. Don’t worry, you can still have the wedding of your dreams if you know how to budget accordingly!


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Photo Credit: Christian Reyes Photography