Top-5 Tips for Planning a Virtual Wedding

Whether you are having an elopement, a small wedding or a big wedding, a virtual wedding is the way to go. No matter the size of your wedding or the stay-at-home mandates in place at the time of your wedding, there are likely always guests who can’t attend. With a virtual wedding, you eliminate that problem. Anyone can attend – anywhere! Our pros at LoveStream, virtual weddings by Bustld, have shared their top-5 tips for planning a virtual wedding.


  1. Hire a Professional

Leave livestreaming to the pros. It’s more complicated than you may think, which is why we created LoveStream. Couples shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of their day and their guest’s experience, just because their guests aren’t physically present.


  1. Act Normal

Well, as normal as anyone is on their wedding day. Don't let the camera distract you. Enjoy the day as you would have without the camera. It may not have been exactly what you planned or hoped for, but you’re making the most out of it and don’t forget that in the end, you’ll still get to marry the one you love… which is really all that matters!


  1. Enhance the Guest Experience

It’s hard when you thought you would be surrounded by everyone you love on your wedding day, and your guests feel the same. Enhance the experience for everyone and find special ways to include your virtual guests. Consider sending them a small favor or a drink recipe to make and toast with after the ceremony. LoveStream even includes a virtual guestbook for guest’s to share well wishes and their celebration photos.


  1. Don’t Skip Rehearsal

Practice, practice, practice. You may think because it’s virtual, a rehearsal is no longer important. But in fact, the opposite, it is almost more important. You need to know exactly how your day will flow and make sure you communicate your vision to the tech experts. You want to make sure cameras are set correctly, entrances are coordinated correctly and music is loud enough to be heard. There are so many extra elements to consider with a virtual wedding.


  1. Check Your Quality

Don't forget about audio and lighting! Using a ring light or hooking up a microphone are inexpensive ways to enhance your production. You are going virtual so your guests can still witness you getting married, but if they can’t hear or see because the video quality is poor then what’s the point?


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Photo Credit: Grapefruit Photo