Going to a wedding is a wonderful time to celebrate two people starting their lives together. While they are always a fun time, there is sometimes stress involved with attending. In addition to wondering what you should wear to the Big Day, there is always a bit of stress and worry about what kind of gift to get the couple. You want to be creative, but also want to get them something they will use. Without any further ado, this blog post is going to go over five of the best wedding gifts for brides and grooms in 2020.

Flasks with Personalized Poker Chips

If the married couple loves to play poker and enjoys a drink every now and then, this could be a perfect gift for them. This good looking and high-quality box includes multiple flasks, a couple of shot glasses, playing cards, poker chips and even steel bowls for snacks!

Not only that, but the chips are personalized, which is a very nice touch. The wooden box and flasks can also be personalized, so the couple will never forget where they got this lovely gift. The box can also come in three different designs, so you can ensure you choose the one that the couple will love.

From: Groomsmen Gift Source


Personalized Wine Box

If the married couple loves wine, a great gift to consider is a personalized wine box. Each compartment in this box will hold a personalized bottle of wine with a message etched on the cover that you create. They can open each compartment on their 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries, or whenever they see fit. These can be personalized and customized on how you see fit. Anniversary wishes, funny quotes, heartfelt messages and more can all be included.


The box can also be an elegant holder to keep the couples favorite wines safe. The box is incredibly high-quality and is handcrafted in the USA in a workshop. The materials used are top-notch and the box looks and functions very well. This is an incredibly memorable gift that every couple is sure to use and enjoy.


From: artificerwoodworks.com

Met Engaged Married Print, Custom Night Sky Star Chart

It is difficult to purchase things for a couple that has everything. Sure, you could get them some money, but it is unlikely that they will remember that for very long. If you want to get them something they surely don’t have, this is a great gift. It is a printed sky chart of the stars the night the couple met, were engaged and got married. 


It can act as a beautiful and unique reminder for the couple and allow them to reminisce on their past together. The prints can come in different styles, colors and designs as well. Even things like the fonts, paper types and frames can be selected. 


From: Etsy.com

Blue Apron Gift Subscription

Cooking home-cooked meals together is a great thing for married couples to do. Not only is it healthier, but it can also allow the couples to bond and have fun. Unfortunately, going out to shop for all the ingredients you need is not fun and can be quite time consuming. As a result, consider giving the gift of home-cooking as a wedding gift with a Blue Apron subscription.


Blue Apron will send recipes and all the ingredients the couple needs, right to their door. They are constantly changing up their meals and adding delicious and unique options. No matter the tastes of the bride and groom, they are sure to love something that Blue Apron has to offer.


From: blueapron.com

Flytographer Honeymoon Photographer

While almost every couple will have a wedding photographer, very few have a photographer for their honeymoon. As a result, many couples resort to selfies or getting random people to take photos for them. While this is fine, they may not end up with the photos they want of their first trip as a married couple.


However, there is a solution for this, and it’s called Flytographer. Flytographer makes it easy to hire a photographer for any trip, in many countries and cities all over the world. By purchasing a session for the newlyweds on their trip, you will ensure they can get high-quality photos taken to remember the trip.These photographers can also act as resources for things to do, see and eat in the local area. This gift will surely help the couples honeymoon be the best trip of their lives.


From: https://www.flytographer.com/


The options covered in this guide will make fantastic gifts for the bride and groom!