You have your planof how you are going to tackle booking vendors and you’re ready to get started! You don’t want to make any mistakes and with our help you won’t. We’re breaking down the top-5 mistakes to avoid during the vendor booking process. 

1. Contacting vendors without a date and location

It’s important to know date and location, at the very least, before contacting vendors. It’s helpful to also know an estimated for certain vendors (like catering and baker) so you can get a realistic quote. If you contact a vendor before knowing this information, it may end up that they are actually booked on the date you end up choosing or you could end up with a travel fee if your venue ends up out of their range of service. 

2. Booking too early / Waiting too long 

There’s a sweet spot to booking vendors for a reason. If you book design related vendors, like or rentals, too early your style may change, and you might change your mind but you’re already locked in. If you wait too long to book your big ticket vendors, like a photographer, your first or even second choice might already be booked.

3. Vendor overload

Don’t overwhelm yourself and reach out to too many vendors categories at once. Think about it, you’ll probably reach out to two to three vendors within each category alone so you can explore options. If you reach out to two to three vendors in two to three different vendor categories, that’s upwards of 10 vendors you’re talking to at once. That can get complicated quick! It could also lead to carelessness in reviewing packages and , and the last thing you want to do is make a mistake. 

4. Locking into high minimums 

It’s not uncommon for some vendors to require a minimum, especially when it comes to beauty and catering. Be sure whatever that minimum is that you are 100 percent certain you will meet it. Lock into the lowest minimum you feel comfortable you can hit.

5. Not setting a budget first

There can be a lot of sticker shock when it comes to the cost of vendors. Setting a first will help you ease into the costs of things and know your boundaries. Not setting a budget and booking vendors on the fly and then adding it all up afterwards is how budgets can get out of control quickly. And you don’t want to have no money left to book your final vendors!

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