Shopping for a photographer, well any vendor really, is just like shopping for the perfect dress. You may have to try on a few different ones before finding the right one. You have to find one that not only looks good, but it feels good. You want to make sure there is a connection between you and any vendor you hire, in addition to liking the product they offer. So, what’s the best way to make sure? Ask these top five questions!


1. How many weddings have you shot and have any been at my venue?

You want to make sure your wedding day vendor team is composed of experienced professionals. At Bustld, we require all of our listed photographers to have shot at least 10 weddings to ensure they are qualified. If they haven’t worked at your venue, it’s definitely not a deal breaker; ask to see a gallery or two of weddings at similar venues. While it definitely helps when your photographer already knows the space, it can also be nice to bring fresh perspective!


2. How would you describe your photography style?

This will help you learn not only their style in regard to looks (for example, romantic or dramatic) but style in regard to how they shoot. Do they help pose you or mostly do candid shots? Will they help give you direction or be more of a fly on the wall?


3. What kind of packages do you offer?

Make sure you discuss things like how many hours are they on site and will they go to more than one site like, your getting ready location, first. Also, find out how many photographers they include and what additional photo sessions, like bridal or engagement, and extra, like albums or prints, they include. 


4. How quickly do photos get returned and do I get all of them?

This will set expectations up front, so you know how long the wait will be. We get it, you’re excited to see the pictures as soon as possible but remember, there is usually a process that takes time to upload and edit. Photographers end up with thousands of pictures and not all are worthwhile, so it could be that they don’t send you every single picture they take. Just find out what limitations there are to that, if they only send you a max number of photos (and you need to pay for extras) or if they send you everything they consider worthy.


5. Can you share a full wedding portfolio with me?

This will give you the best feel for what a full finished product looks like and how it will be delivered. 


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Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography