Rentals can quickly become a very overwhelming task to tackle. Where should you start and how do you get that final look to come together on wedding day? Read our top five tips for all things rentals!


1. Make an appointment 6-8 months out.

While some showrooms allow walk ins, it helps to have an appointment scheduled. This way you can have a representative/stylist from the rental company available to walk you through things and help with your vision. If you have a planner, be sure to bring them with you!


  1. Bring your floor plan.

Your floor plan is important so you can have an estimate of your needs like how many tables you will need linens for and what kind of soft seating you can fit into the extra space. To that point, it is also important to have your floor plan so you know the size and types of tables you will have because each table type requires a different size linen and each size is a different cost. This will keep your proposal more accurate for a budgetary standpoint. 


3.Bring inspiration.

Obviously, inspiration photos are important so your stylist and planner can see your vision and help match specific rental items to the overall style you want to achieve. If you have swatches of bridesmaid’s dresses or your dress those are also helpful things to bring so you can create one cohesive look throughout the wedding. Also, pictures of your venue will help you, your stylist and/or your planner visualize how the whole thing will come together. 


  1. Know your budget.

There’s nothing worse than going into a showroom, seeing all the pretty things and going a little too rental happy. Be realistic about your budget. If your budget is smaller you probably can’t pick specialty linens, chargers, specialty flatware, soft seating and farm tables. Instead stick to the basic rentals and choose one or two upgrades that will help make a big statement. 


5. Plan for wedding day weather rentals. 

It can be easy to forget about the essentials when they aren’t the prettiest things in the room. We’d rather look at pretty linens and chargers opposed to tents and heaters, too! But it is important not to forget those sorts of wedding day weather essentials if you are planning any outdoor aspects to your wedding. Whether that be an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour, consider any tents, rain walls or heaters you might need for wedding day. 


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Photo Credit: Critsey Rowe Photography