We get, invitations can be tricky and complicated. How do you control if someone brings a plus one that’s not supposed to? How do you know how much postage to use? The list goes on and on! That’s why we are sharing our top five tips on wedding invitations!


1. Numbering

Take the excel sheet that you keep your guest list in and number each of your RSVP cards with the number line the guest is on the list. Number the cards with a tiny number on the back, bottom corner so it’s barely visible. This way, when you get an illegible RSVP card or someone who checked attending but forgot to write their name, you can easily tell who it was!


2. Stacking

When assembling your invitations, there is a method to the madness believe it or not. You should stack your pieces from biggest to smallest. So, the invitation is usually on the bottom. From there, it’s going to depend on size of the inserts. Make sure everything is in the same direction, so that when a guest looks at it it’s the right way for them to easily start reading. 


3. Weigh at the post office 

Before stamping and mailing out all your invitation, you can take one fully stuffed envelope to the post office and weigh it, so you know exactly how many stamps to put on each. This will help you avoid wasting unnecessary stamps and will help you use enough stamps, so they don’t get returned.


4. Add number of guests if concerned about extra guests

If you a concerned about guests who weren’t invited with a plus one bringing a plus one or someone bringing their if their kids weren’t invited, you can try to control that. The way to do it is next to the RSVP line where they write their name add a line that says “___ of ___ attending” and on each invitation fill out the second “__” with the number of people that are invited from that family.


5. Make a statement to wow guests

Your invitations are really the first piece of your wedding, design wise, that your guests will be seeing. Make a lasting impression with your guests and make your invitation something special. For a modern feel, use an acrylic invitation. For a vintage feel, use a wax seal. You get the idea!


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Photo Credit: Molly Joseph Photography