If you want to incorporate religion into your ceremony, the easiest way to do that is to get married in a house of worship.

Each house of worship and specific denomination has it's own rules, when it comes to marriage under their roof, so today we are sharing all the questions you should ask when inquiring:  

  1. Do either my partner or I have to be a member? What if just one of us is?
  2. Do both, my partner and I, have to be of your religion?
  3. What requirements are there to be married here?
  4. Is there a specific time a wedding ceremony takes place in the space?
  5. What do we need to do before we can formally book our desired wedding date?
  6. Do you have a separate space for the reception?

Just because your ceremony may take place there, it does not mean your reception has to. If they have a separate reception space and you like it, by all means, but you can still have a traditional wedding reception at another venue and a ceremony at a house of worship. 

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Photo credit [vetted] Radian Photography