So, you’ve decided to move forward and get married anyways. Marry now, party later, right? We’re glad! And the good news is you can still be joined by all of your family and friends at your ceremony now. How? Live streaming! But before you jump to it, make sure you follow these top three tips.

1.     Hire a professional

“For sure,” said Ryan.

And we agree. Live streaming a wedding is a new genre of streaming and there are a lot of unknowns if you’ve never done it before. Does your audio sound good? What kind of angles should you get? Professionals exist for a reason and a livestreaming professional is no exception. Not only will they provide you with a more high-quality end product, they will likely be there along the way to set you up for success (at least at LoveStream we do!).

2.     Test your equipment and speed ahead of time

For a non-live streamed wedding, you do a wedding rehearsal. Well, for a live streamed wedding, you should do a live stream rehearsal. This will allow you to make sure your equipment works, the platform you decided on works and gives you a chance to test out your audio and video ahead of time and make any necessary adjustments.

Like Ryan said, aside from ensuring you have a higher-quality phone, it’s more important to ensure your internet or cellular connection is strong. At LoveStream, we recommend our couples test their speeds at least two weeks ahead of wedding day. This allows ample time to make alternative arrangements, like renting a hot spot, if necessary.

3.     Charge your device. 

Imagine your stream cutting out in the middle, right before you and your fiancé share your first kiss as a married couple. All of your guests watching will be majorly disappointed to have missed one of the most special parts of the ceremony. If you don’t charge your device, this is quite possible. But if you charge your device – problem solved!

“If you're running a live stream, it's going to use more battery,” explained Ryan. “That’s okay, they will last but you don't want to come in with 18% battery and hope it's going to last for two hours.”


Photo credit: Meredith Jane Photography