More often than not, the focus of wedding day attire is on the bride and her dress. We’re not saying that shouldn’t be the case. But we are also here to say it’s just as important for the groom to find the right outfit, too! To help, here are the top three tips for groom’s attire that we discuss in our most recent podcast about dressing the groom.


1. Decide whether to rent or buy.

The first step in dressing the groom is deciding whether or not to rent or buy. There are plenty of pros and cons to each but really the big question for a groom to ask themselves is, “will I wear it again.” If they are someone who wears a suit into an office or has a lot of weddings to attend over the next year or so, they should consider buying. If the answer to that question is no, it’s simple and renting is the way to go.

“And if you are going to buy, get a good tailor. They're invaluable, it'll be the best money you've spent,” said the Every Day I’m Bustlin’ hosts.


2. Determine your style.

Whether you rent or buy, every groom has to determine their style. First, consider the season. If it’s a winter wedding, you probably want to consider something darker in color and vice versa if it’s spring. Then consider location and formality. If it’s a casual beach wedding, you definitely don’t need a tux whereas with a black-tie ballroom wedding, tux is probably the way to go. The last thing to consider is personal style. Are you more of a traditional person or trendy? Can you rock a velvet jacket or is that way outside your comfort zone?

“Do you want to do something trendy, something like a white jacket with black pants sort of thing,” said the podcast hosts. “Kind of figure out what's your style.”


3. Get fitted and pick your attire.

After the renting versus buying decision is made and style is pinpointed, it’s time to get fitted and actually pick out the attire. This is the same for both renting and buying and usually happens at least 3-4 months out from wedding day. If you are indecisive, you might want to start shopping around a little earlier. Once your size is determined, you can order your rental with your custom measurements, or you can start shopping off-the-rack and see what’s available in your size. With custom, obviously they will make the suit to size.


Photo credit [vetted]: Rob + Kristen Photography