In sickness and in health. For richer, for poorer. We all know how those go. But those aren’t the exact vows you have to exchange on your wedding day. You can go traditional and repeat those famous lines, or you can go totally new-age and write your own. There’s no wrong way, as long as your vows on wedding day express your love and promises for your future together. While there’s no wrong way, here are our top three tips to help you in choosing the vows that are right for you.

Start Early

Just like everything relating to wedding planning, when it comes to your vows start early. Especially if you are writing your own. You want to give yourself enough time to either collect your thoughts and get them on paper in a meaningful way or review the dozens of options out there to find a set of prewritten vows that speak to you.

“So, after you've booked your officiant and wherever you're going to have your ceremony, discuss your vows and what you're planning to do,” the podcast episode explained.


Whether you decide to recite vows that were written long ago and used by many or write your own vows that will only ever be used by you, choose vows that mean something to you. If you write your own vows, obviously that’s personalized. If you choose prewritten vows, there are so many options to choose from. Read through all the different options and choose something that resonates with you and your relationship.

“If you're not going to write your own, still find a traditional option that matches you as a couple,” said the Every Day I’m Bustlin’ podcast. “If those ‘for better or worse’ terms aren't what you want, then switch that around. I think there's still ways to personalize traditional vows without writing your own.”

Preserve the Memory

When things are all said and done, your wedding vows are going to be something you want to remember. They are, after all, the heart and soul of your wedding day. It was that moment where you expressed your love to your partner and promised to spend forever together. So, find a way to preserve the memory of your vows.

You can go totally permanent and get a tattoo with a phrase from your vows. Or a little less permanent and get a phrase engraved into a piece of jewelry. Or you can do a canvas print of the vows for your bedroom. Or a million of other options.


Photo credit: Libby McGowan Photography