Live streaming your wedding is probably not something you initially thought you’d have to consider when it came to wedding planning. While it may not be something you originally planned for, it’s going to be something you want to include. While right now COVID might be preventing all of your guests from being on site, post-COVID, there are still always going to be people who can’t attend.

So, with live streaming always being an option for weddings moving forward, we figured we’d help you get a head start and fill you in on the top tips for live streaming your wedding. To help us, we chatted with wedding planner and live streaming expert, Irene Tyndale.

  1. Remember, it Won’t be Perfect.

But I mean, no wedding day is. There is always going to be something that goes wrong. How it is handled determines the effect it has on the day. If you handle it, brush it off and forget about it, the rest of the day is going to be magical and that is going to be what you remember. Not the thing that went wrong. 

  1. Guest Aren’t Expecting a Movie

Your guests know this is your wedding day. They also probably know you weren’t expecting to have to live stream your wedding. So, they aren’t expecting a movie-quality production. They are going to be happy to be able to watch something at all.

 “They will love it, they're not expecting grade-A production from Tyler Perry Studios, they're just not. That's just not what they're expecting,” confirmed Irene.

  1. You Still Need a Plan

As simple as LoveStream may be, you still need to make a plan and work through some logistics ahead of time. With LoveStream or another platform, there is some planning involved in live streaming. It’s not as easy as sticking your phone on a tripod and recording. Where are you going to get the best angle without the camera being in the way? Who is going to troubleshoot if the stream drops in the middle? How are you getting the viewing link to guests ahead of time? It’s times like these that if you have a wedding planner, like Irene, they will help you think through every little detail you need to consider.

“Then work with your planner to create a plan just for your live stream. Of course, it's included in your overall plan but camera placement, equipment needed, add the spots on your diagram, if you have a diagram, add the spots where the camera is going to set up because even if you don't have a planner and you have Uncle Bob doing it, God forbid something happens to Uncle Bob and Uncle Jimmy has to step in, he needs to know what to do,” explained Irene.

  1. Breathe

With or without live streaming, it’s important to remember to breathe on wedding day and not let the day pass you by. Live streaming adds some unusual aspects to your wedding, but it doesn’t change the reason for the day – to marry the person you love and share that with your other loved ones. Don’t lose sight of that!

 “So, have some kind of plan, and then, finally, take a deep breath, my loves, take a deep breath, do some yoga, meditation, prayer, whatever you have to do. Be present in the moment and then feel the love that is in that room and then all the love via the world wide web,” Irene said. “Because that's a beautiful thing and knowing that on this day there's so many people sending their love, watching you, wishing they could be with you and they're present with you. So, just be intentional and be present in the moment and not worry about if the cameras are set up right because you're going to miss it, it'll fly by.”


Photo credit [vetted]: Irene Tyndale Events