A wedding costs money, that’s not unexpected. You know you are going to need to spend money on things like a wedding photographer, catering, a dress, maybe a venue, maybe a DJ. But as you’ll learn throughout the planning and vendor booking process, there can be unexpected costs and fees. So, here’s what you might want to prepare for.



Any vendors that provide a product rather than a service, such as a wedding caterer or a baker, will charge tax. Other vendors that provide a service like a planner or photographer will sometimes still include taxes in their cost. Be wary that while a caterer lists a $45 per meal charge, this does not include additional costs like sales tax.


Service Charge/Tips

Just like with taxes, some vendors may add in a service charge to their bill. If they don’t, you still may want to factor in additional costs to tip that vendor. It can sometimes come as a shock when you’re paying all your final bills and there’s an extra 5% tacked onto what you expected to pay. Or wedding day rolls around and all of the sudden you forgot to tip your vendors and you need to come up with an extra couple hundred dollars.



Sure, you expected the cost of your dress or suit. But did you factor in the cost for alterations? Chances are your dress or your suit (only if you purchased rather than rented) will not fit perfectly. If it does, you’re lucky. But, if not, you’ll need to pay for alterations. Alterations average about 10% of the cost of your garment.


Additional Hours

Most vendor packages will include a set number of hours they will work on wedding day. Make sure you check the packages or ask the vendor how many hours are included before signing on the dotted line. This will help you determine whether there might be a surprise cost later down the road if their hourly coverage won’t include all of wedding day.



It may sound like a standard thing for linens to just be available for your use but, most of the time, that’s not the case. Typically you can rent linens through your caterer or use an outside wedding rental company if you want something more specialized, but it does usually come at a cost, even when you rent through your caterer.


Photo credit [vetted]: T. Villager