Food is one of the things your guests will remember most about your wedding. So, why not blow them out of the water with not only delicious food but unique food? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Food Trucks

If you are having a formal, black tie wedding, a food truck is probably not the way to go to wow you guests. But if you are having something less formal a food truck is definitely a unique food option your guests will remember. 

A food truck is especially great for a more relaxed and “hang out” type atmosphere. Nowadays, food trucks range in cuisine from tacos to BBQ to Mediterranean and even dumplings – an option for all different palettes!


In our opinion, brunch is one of the best meals of the day. I mean who doesn’t like biscuits, eggs and bacon? There are so many fun things you can do with brunch food. You can do a build your own biscuit bar, a grits station and a pancake or waffles bar. The options are limitless not just for food but for drinks, too! You can do an espresso bar for the non-alcoholic drinkers but then of course you’ll have to offer a build your own bloody Mary and mimosa bar too because what’s brunch without a mimosa?!

Even if you aren’t keen on having a daytime wedding, there are ways to incorporate brunch into your evening reception. A late-night snack is the perfect spot to add in something brunch related, like chicken and waffle bites. 

Grazing Table

For cocktail hour, set up a grazing table for your guests to enjoy. This is essentially one big table full of a charcuterie type food set up that guests can come up and take at their leisurely. Not only does it look pretty, but who doesn’t love meat and cheese?

Family Style

While this isn’t exactly a food option, the way the food is served in this style is unique enough to give it a shout out. If you don’t want your guests to have to bother getting up, but you don’t want the formality of a plated meal then family style is the way to go. 

With this not so common way of serving, large serving plates are brought over to the table for guests to help themselves to and share with the table. It allows guests to choose what they want to eat with the convenience of service. It also creates an intimate feeling for the table, as if they are truly a family sharing a meal. 

Unique Stations

A meat carving station can only feel so unique. Add some personal touches to your stations to make them feel different. Are you from the south? A shrimp and grits station would give a nod to your Southern roots. From the north? Maybe an oyster bar is a better fit! 



There’s no shortage of unique dessert options and we’ve already given you plenty of ideas! But, none the less, something other than a traditional cake or cupcakes for dessert will still keep guests talking about it for weeks. 

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Photo Courtesy of Honeysuckle Events