We’ve all seen it. That person sticking their phone down the aisle at a wedding trying to capture the perfect picture themselves and ruins the picture the photographer is trying to take that should have been the perfect picture. If you want to avoid seeing that picture in your wedding album, then an unplugged wedding ceremony is for you.


What is it?

An unplugged wedding ceremony means that you ask your guests to literally unplug from their electronics. It means no phones, tablets, cameras and whatever other electronics you can think of. Guests are asked to put these away and leave them put away for the duration of the wedding ceremony so that there are no distractions. 


Should I do it?

Really, only you can decide if an unplugged wedding is something you want to do. The obvious pros to it that there are no obstructed pictures! Also, guests won’t be distracted by their devices and will be able to be in the moment with you. On the flip side, if you are big into social media the con is that there won’t be any immediate pictures posted to social media of your ceremony. Also, your friends and family won’t have any pictures of your ceremony to share with anyone who won’t isn’t there.


How should I make it known?

If you do decide to do an unplugged ceremony, you will definitely want to let your guests know. There are a few different ways you can do this or even all three!

  1. Ask your officiant to make an announcement before the processional starts asking all guests to keep their phones and cameras put away until after the ceremony has concluded. You can even have them give a short explanation that you want the professional photographer you hired to be able to get clear shots.
  2. Put a sign out at the entrance to your ceremony telling guests you are having an unplugged ceremony and what that means.
  3. Include a note in your programs about your ceremony being unplugged. This is likely to be the least noticed out of the three options, so consider combining it with one of the first two options.


Photo Credit: Adornment Photo