Wedding plans are coming to an end and now it’s just the nitty gritty details before wedding day. As you submit that final count to your amazing caterer, they will likely ask you about how you want to handle vendor meals. Wait, what? This may not be something you even thought to consider! So how do you answer this question…?


First, why would you want to feed your vendors? We get it… you’ve most likely invested a lot in these amazing creatives to be a part of your day. But have you ever thought about the commitment on their side? They are dedicated to getting everything right on a day that is beyond momentous to you with no do-overs. And they are going to make that happen. So as you sit down to eat that incredible meal, do you want them to take a dinner break and leave your wedding for an hour? Or do you want to provide them with a meal they can eat nearby just in case you need them? As you do your final venue walkthrough, make sure to ask where the vendors can eat. There is often a separate room for them to relax in for a few minutes while they enjoy their meal (and it helps to know where they are just in case you need them!).


“As a catering manager, I know vendors need to eat a meal to be able to provie their best services to a client and their guests,” said Marissa Erickson of Beau Catering. “Normally an event day is a very long one for vendors and we all need to make sure we aren’t battling low blood sugar while taking care of people. If vendors are being asked to work when they would otherwise be eating a meal, it is more than appropriate to expect a discreet meal be offered to them.”


So what do you feed your rockstar team? A lot of times, couples choose to have the vendors eat straight from the buffet or stations. If you are serving a seated dinner, you may opt to have them choose which one they prefer or pick an option for them (usually chicken is a good bet!). You can also always explore an alternative option with your caterer. Make sure to ask if it will be a hot meal or cold boxed sandwich – after all, this is most likely the only food they will eat while being on-site for 8-10 hours (and nobody wants a hangry vendor!). 


That just leaves the question of who – which vendors do you feed? We typically advise anyone who is on-site for more than four hours on your wedding day. That typically means your planner, photographer, videographer, DJ/band and other service vendors.


Still in early stages of planning? Make sure to account for feeding your vendors in that initial budget so this isn’t a surprise charge the final weeks leading up to wedding day!


Your vendors will thank you!