A friendor is exactly what it sounds like … a friend who will be taking the place of a traditional wedding vendor. Here are some differences to help you make an educated decision:

Vendor vs Friendor

If you choose a friendor, be sure to treat the relationship (regarding everything wedding) as a business transaction (that’s what it is folks!). This means separating business & personal conversations, executing a contract that clearly outlines both parties responsibilities & paying them (at least a small sum of money).

Finally, if you choose a friendor please please please make sure they have worked and understand what their role means in a wedding. Keep in mind, if you choose your aunt who has a nice camera (but has never shot a wedding) to be responsible for the photos of your wedding day, you may have no photos when it’s all said and done. This goes for every other wedding vendor category too. If that breaks your heart, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING VENDOR. There are tons of options at all different price points! Remember, you often get what you pay for :)

*Photo courtesy of Bunn DJ Company