You’ve found your perfect wedding venue (swoon!) and it comes with a coordinator (win!). So now you don’t have to hire a wedding planner! But wait… is that true? What you may not know is that these two planners are actually two very different roles, that are both very important to fill for your wedding day to run seamlessly. So what is the difference?


Venue Coordinator

Your venue coordinator is the expert on your venue (duh!) so they are going to be your go-to resource for how things run at your venue. They will know the in’s and out’s of what works well in the space (and what doesn’t!), how things are typically done, how catering and alcohol is handled, what set up needs to be done on their end… the list goes on and on! On wedding day, they will be the go-to person for anything that goes wrong on the venue side – from running out of toilet paper to finding maintenance to fix lighting issues. 


What they won’t help with? The planning of your actual wedding! That’s where a wedding planner comes in…


Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is going to help you with planning every element of your wedding day, including the logistics of how the day will flow. They will be with you to choose linens and flowers; they will coordinate transportation schedules; they will help with photographer timelines; and so much more. From making sure the flowers delivered are the right color to helping manage the timeline, they are overseeing every element of wedding day so it flows smoothly.


Venue coordinators and wedding planners work hand-in-hand to bring your wedding vision to life!


Still not sure what the difference is? We’ve got some pro tips for you to watch below:



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Photo Credit: We Tie the Knots