So, you’ve finally narrowed down your virtual wedding guest list and selected who will be able to witness your love in-person and online. It’s a big decision and often one that proves to be the most difficult for those tying the knot as they don’t want to hurt any feelings or leave anyone out, especially considering how tight budgets can be. But you must remember, it is your day and those that truly love you will be happy whether they were invited or not! And, speaking of, just because you have invited some guests to witness your love via a wedding live stream, it doesn’t mean that their role has changed. Read up on how to make sure guests still get the “wedding experience,” regardless of location.

Help Your Guests...


Alright, so as much as we joke about how the perk of being a virtual wedding guest would be to watch from your couch in your pajamas, we doubt that many people will actually opt for that out of respect for you and the momentous day they get to witness. It may be a fun idea to share a modified dress-code before the day. It could be something like “couch-chic” or “quarantine black tie.” That way, those partygoers who are tuning in from afar don’t miss a beat.


For those joining via live stream who don’t get to participate in your cocktail hour or sit-down dinner at the reception, you can still make sure they get a taste (pun totally intended) of what you are serving. Share your wedding menu with virtual guests ahead of time by mailing cute recipe cards or linking to the recipes you are going to be serving on the day.


Similar to above, prep for a virtual “cheers” to newlyweds during toasts by sharing your signature cocktail. It could also be a cute wedding favor idea to send koozies or drink stirrers in the mail to guests!


Share a Spotify playlist with your guests to set the mood and create a nice ambiance. How fun would it be to see guests moving and grooving in their living rooms? Priceless.


Make sure virtual guests know about any stipulations before the big day rolls around. If opting for LoveStream (which ya totally should) recommended that guests log onto your stream at least 30 minutes prior to your ceremony so that we over here at Bustld can troubleshoot if anyone runs into any issues.


Photo credit by [v e t t e d] Leslie Lynn Photography