Many people wonder what you are supposed to do with your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. Should you wear it? Should you wear it on a different finger? Your wedding band is supposed to go under the engagement right so how does that work? Well, there’s no straight-forward answer because it’s all personal preference! The good news is, you have options.


The Right Hand

You can move your engagement ring to your right hand, rather than your left, before walking down the aisle for the ceremony. Just make sure, ahead of time, that your ring will fit on one of the fingers on your opposite hand. After the ceremony is over, simply switch your engagement ring back over to your left hand.


The Left Hand

You can leave your engagement ring exactly where it is. If you don’t want to worry about it, if it doesn’t fit on a finger on your other hand or you want to keep it where it is, then just leave it on your left-hand ring finger. During the ceremony, your spouse can just put your wedding band on top, then discretely flip them when you have a moment between the ceremony and reception.


Don’t Wear It

Don’t feel obligated to wear your ring at all. If it feels funny on your other hand or doesn’t fit a finger on that hand and you don’t want to have to flip your rings, simply don’t wear your engagement ring for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, you can grab your engagement ring and put it right back where it belongs. Be sure to still bring it with you for the day so that you can get details shots with it and you can put it on after the ceremony!


Photo credit: Tiffany Dawson Photography