There’s no question that your Charlotte wedding will have a bar. So, now that you know the ins and the outs of what type of bar to have and how to pay for it let’s talk about the logistics!

How many bars/bartenders should I have?

It’s inevitable that the first stop everyone will make when they head into cocktail hour will be at the bar. In order to avoid a long line, a general rule of thumb is one bar/bartender for every 50 guests. So if you have 100 guests, you should have one bar with two bartenders or two bars with 1 bartender each. For a guest count over 150, we definitely recommend a second bar no matter what.

Where should I put the bar?

Don’t be afraid to put the bar around the corner out of the way – people will always find it! In fact, you don’t want your bar right at the entrance because it will create a bottleneck & people won’t flow into the space. In the reception space, definitely place a bar near the dance floor. You don’t want guests to travel too far away from the dance floor! 

What should I serve?

Aside from deciding whether you want a full bar or a beer/wine bar, you’ll want to consider what type of varietals to offer. For beer, you’ll want a normal light beer (think Bud Light or Miller Light)a familiar beer (think Blue Moon or Yuengling)& a craft beer – including something local is a great way to show off Charlotte! For wine, usually one white varietal & two red varietals (unless it’s summer, than switch this!). For hard alcohol, normally vodka, rum, whiskey/bourbon and gin. Tequila is more often not included since it usually leads to shots and it is proper etiquette to not serve shots at a wedding bar (plus many venues don’t allow them!).

Pro Tip:

When possible, have pre-poured wine and/or sparkling ready at the start of cocktail hour to help alleviate lines when there is a mad rush to get to the bar after the ceremony! It’s such a nice touch to have a server standing there with a selection of drinks as guests enter. Having a signature cocktail? Consider offering that passed as well!

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