There’s no question that you want your wedding to look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on everything to make that happen. We talked with Laura Maddox of Magnolia Celebrates to hear what is worth splurging on and where you might be able to save.


Splurge: Photography


When it’s all said and done, your photographs are going to be the one tangible piece you have to remember your wedding by.


“I always tell people that the areas that I would splurge is on your photography and perhaps videography, if videography is important to you,” explained Laura. “Those are the only pieces of the wedding you will take with you after it’s over and so, I think those are the pieces worth spending the money on. That day is worth documenting and documenting well.”


That alone should be enough to convince you to splurge on your photographer!


Save: Ceremony Décor


While the ceremony is truly the most important part of your wedding, it’s what happens during the ceremony, not what happens around the ceremony that is more important.


“When it comes to the decor and the programs and just the things having to do with the ceremony, it should really be about your union and not necessarily everything around it,” Laura said. “And then, also, it's 30 minutes of your entire day and all of that money, unless you can reuse it for the reception, that money is spent for the smallest portion of the day.


Splurge: Lighting


You spend way too much time designing and making your wedding look beautiful to not light it appropriately so everyone can see just how beautiful it looks.


“Your guests aren't going to see what you have put all this effort and all this money into if you don't light it,” Laura states.


Save: Champagne Toast


We aren’t usually the ones to tell you to pass on champagne, but champagne toasts often result in many glasses untouched.


“Don't do a champagne toast, nobody drinks the champagne,” Laura said. “Have it on the bar if somebody wants it."


Let’s be honest, no wedding is complete without a little champagne, but nothing is worse than wasted champagne, so opt to keep it at the bar and let guests choose whether they want a glass or not.


About this week’s guest: Laura Maddox of Magnolia Celebrates has spent the last decade plus curating life’s most exciting moments for her clients. She has gotten wine, blood, dirt and more out of wedding dresses, and helped countless brides find their perfect team for their big day.


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Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Magnolia Celebrates