It’s definitely a more fun part of wedding planning… cake! To start, find theinspiration you love on Pinterest or our Wedspiration boards but keep an open mind about your cake design before meeting with your baker. There are so many different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from that the sky is truly the limit!



Obviously, the most traditional wedding cake is a round, multi-tiered cake, but that doesn’t mean it is the only option! Cakes can be square, a mix or a completely different shapes made to look like something real, like the Bryant Denny Stadiumin Alabama. Although, usually just groom’s cakes have those kinds of real shapes!



Cakes also don’t have to be multi-tiered. To help with budget, you can do a one or two tier cake so you have something to cut for the tradition, but then have sheet cake in the back to cut or other fun dessert options!



Make your cake personal to the two of you. From color to textures to embellishments, the options are endless! 

If you have a specific shape to your engagement ring, you could incorporate that shape into the design. Maybe the lace from your dress could inspire the texture of the cakeor maybe there's something really cool in your venue that could inspire a design feature. 

Consider skipping the traditional white cake and do a colored cake instead. Or replace real flowers with sugar flowers.



Don’t forget a cake topper to finish off the look! Whether it be the traditional couple, a more modern monogram, a cute saying or even fresh flowers, the topper is another way to let your personality shine through!

Cake bakers are truly artists so enlist a professional to help you dream up something you would have never thought of!


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Photo Credit: Critsey Rowe Photography