Now that you’ve designed your wedding cake and picked the most delicious flavors, you’ve got to figure out – logistically – how it all comes together on wedding day. How will it get to the reception? How does it get decorated? Where does it go in the room? Dominica Clementi of Nona’s Sweets talks us through all those logistical questions.


First things first, you need to get the cake to your reception. You should rely on your baker’s expertise and experience in transporting that precious cargo. You don’t want the cake to get delivered too early, but you definitely don’t want it getting there after your guests. 

“We always want to find out when your guests will be arriving, when things are going to be happening because the worst scenario is to have the wedding cake vendor there and the guests are rolling in and the cake is rolling in,” explained Dominica. “About two hours before your guests are there is when the cake should roll in then, the cake is usually cut three hours into it or so, so usually the cake is okay to be out upwards of six hours or thereabouts.”

We know what you are thinking – what if the cake is out longer? Well, it depends. It depends on if your reception is climate controller or not, a.k.a. outside. If it is outside, then you will want to work with your baker to ensure the last possible minute for delivery. If it’s inside, you can talk with your baker about alternative timing. 


Once your cake makes its way to the reception, your baker needs to know exactly where to put it. We’ve already established that your cake is going to make a statement, so you want to be sure that statement piece is going to be seen. 

“I always love to have the cake someplace where it'll be seen either in the entry or when you're actually in the space, kind of front and center,” Dominica said. “Some people like to put it right out on the dance floor, but it just depends on your timing.”

The cake should be placed in a central location where everyone has a view. Just keep in mind if you put it front and center near the dance floor, you will want to make sure of two things. First, that you don’t open your dance floor before the cake is cut and risk someone bumping into it and second, that it is on a table with wheels so once it is cut it can be moved out of the way of the dancing. 

Set Up

When deciding on the design of your cake, you probably talked about any additional décor like fresh flowers or a topper, as well as how the cake will be displayed. But how does that all come together on wedding day? Communication between yourself, your baker and your florist – if flowers are involved. As long as your baker knows what they are working with they will make it happen. Even if that means a topper as crazy as a snow globe. 

“Once I was given a snow globe to put on top, which I loved,” told Dominica. “If you're prepared, you can do anything. I put a little extra support and up went the snow globe, and everything was fine because it wasn’t weighing on the cake.”

Photo Coutesy of Nona's Sweets 

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About this week’s guests: Nona’s Sweets has been making fabulous cakes, cupcakes, and desserts since 2000. Family owned, they focus on you and your details for a personal and delicious experience.