Sure, wedding cakes are beautiful to look at, but let’s be honest – it’s all about the taste! So, what are your options? They are endless, but here’s a little something to get you started!


Cake Flavor

Flavor options will largely depend on what your baker offers, but there is bound to be something you will love. When you are considering the flavor options, ask if the baker has any signature flavors or what their most popular flavor is. Keep in mind there may be different costs for different flavors.

Also, consider the season. Unless spice cake is your all-time favorite flavor, it’s something that would be great in the fall or winter, but not so much in the spring or summer. Whereas, lemon would be a great spring or summer flavor. 



Some bakers will offer a filling option. If that’s the case, like cake flavors, different fillings may also be different price points. Consider how the filling flavor will compliment the cake flavor. Raspberry is a great combination with lemon and cream cheese works great with red velvet. 




Buttercream is more of a traditional icing which can be flavored and iced on a cake to create texture. Buttercream isbetter for textural, simple designs. Since it is hand iced, there will be some imperfections. 



Fondant is a sheet that's going to be laid on the cake so it's going to be much thicker. Fondant is great if youwant a really clean style, somethingthat's more structuredor more like design-heavy type cake.

It has a marshmallow flavor, so it's not that traditional icing flavor that you'd get with buttercream. However, there is typically still a layer of buttercream icing underneath the fondant. Also, fondant is normally a bit more expensive. 


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Photo Courtesy of Wedding Planner, Mint to Be Weddings