While the groom certainly doesn’t have quite as many accessories to consider as the bride does, his accessories are still not to be forgotten! These small details complete the full look of the groom and often times can add a touch of personalization to his outfit. 

As you plan your attire, don’t forget these accessories!

Tie / Bow Tie

Unless you are going with a super casual look, you will need either a tie or bow tie. Pick a different color or even a pattern that is different from what the groomsmen are wearing in order to stand out a little.

Pocket Square

This accessory can really be the icing on top of the cake when it comes to making a groom look top notch. Whether it is a solid color or pattern, make sure it complements the tie color.


Since you can’t really see socks with the naked eye, you can really have some fun with your socks. Go for something bright and bold that totally does not match the rest of the wedding day colors if that’s your style – or keep it classy in a color that matches everything. You can even add some personalization here with your favorite sports team or favorite super hero, if that’s your thing. 


For a more elegant and classic touch, accessorize with some cufflinks. Ladies, this is a great gift for your groom that can also be personalized. You can have them engraved with your wedding date or initials. 


A nice watch can turn a groom’s look into something super chic. Wear your favorite one or treat yourself to something new for the occasion! 


We know shoes aren’t usually as big of a deal to men as they are to woman, but don’t discount that the shoe can make or break your outfit! 

Belt / Suspenders

A belt or suspenders doesn’t necessarily add much to your look, but they are certainly an accessory you don’t want to forget! You don’t want to be pulling on your pants all night, do you?

As you finalize your look, take a look at our attire recommendations for the groom HERE.

Photo Courtesy of Zack Bradley Photography