You’ve always dreamed of the day you were walking down the aisle at your wedding in that perfect wedding dress. You know what it looks like, but do you know the actual name of the style? We didn’t think so! 


Match that picture in your head to one of these styles so that when you go wedding dress shopping you’ll be able to better communicate to your stylist what you are looking for! Don’t forget to be open minded though, you might think you want one style but turns out a different style might be what looks best on you!


Ball Gown

This is a pretty traditional style of wedding dress. This style has a fitted top and flairs at the waist with a dramatic full skirt. It is good for different body types, but if you are petite, be aware of just how dramatic the full skirt is. 


Photo Courtesy of Design a Dream Events



Think of this as the ball gown’s tamer little sister. This style has a similar fitted top and flows out to the ground, but not with a large full skirt. Without the full skirt, it makes it ideal for all body types, including petite. It’s called A-Line because of the resemblance of the silhouette to the capital “A” letter. 



Photo Credit: Rebecca Hicks Photography


This style is fitted through the entire body until the mid-thigh, when it flares out. It is particularly flattering on frames with small waists.


Photo Courtesy of The Colonnade at Revolution Mill 



Similar to the trumpet, it is fitted through the entire body but goes down to the knee and then flares out. This is the perfect style for someone who is a little more slender and wants to show off their curves.


Photo Courtesy of Designs by Dillon


A sheath dress will just kind of flow down and hang off the body. It’s not form fitting, but it’s not loose, either. Someone petite or with a lean frame would look great in this style. 


Photo Credit: Easterday Creative

Illusion Detail

This is a style element that is normally found in the top portion of the dress either for the neckline, sleeves or back. It refers to when it creates the illusion that there is nothing there, but there is a sheer layer of fabric that is actually part of the dress.


Photo Courtesy of J. Major's Bridal Boutique


Sweetheart Neckline

This refers to the heart like shape the neckline of the dress makes. This is a very popular neckline style with strapless dresses because it is flattering for all chest types!


Photo Credit: Inspired Life AVL

Tiered Skirt

A tiered skirt on a dress refers to the bottom having a few different layers at different lengths to them. This will definitely make a more dramatic statement and is better suited for taller brides.


Photo Credit: But a Moment Photography


Still have some questions on finding the perfect dress? Listen to our podcast on dress shopping by clicking HERE.


Photo Courtesy of Designs by Dillon