Choosing flowers and centerpieces is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. After all, these pieces are going to play a critical part in creating your dream wedding day vision. But it isn’t only the centerpieces and ceremony flowers that matter – all of your personal flowers are equally as important (after all, they honor those closest to you!). So here is a quick overview of who typically receives personal flowers (in addition to the bride and groom):

  • Bridesmaids: These bouquets are usually smaller versions of the bride’s bouquet. Sometimes brides opt to change the color of the bouquet as well. There are definitely no rules!
  • Groomsmen: Boutonnieres for the guys are typically the same color and flower as one of the stems found in the bridesmaids bouquets (while the groom’s matches his bride-to-be).
  • Ushers:
  • Mom and Grandmom: Honor these special women with one of three flower options: a pin-on shoulder corsage, wrist corsage or small “tussy mussy” (a small handheld bouquet). These are typically a coordinating color to their dress or something neutral.
  • Dad and Granddad: Boutonnieres for these guys are typically matching their wives or possibly the groomsmen.
  • Flower Girl: Don’t forget flower petals, a flower halo and/or a small flower bouquet for this little lady to carry down the aisle.
  • Ring Bearer: This little guy looks adorable with a smaller boutonniere.
  • Officiant: Definitely a person of honor; consider adding either a boutonniere or corsage for him/her (unless they are wearing a robe).

Have other people of honor attending your wedding like a godmother, important friends, readers or soloists? Add a personal flower to the list as well for them!

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