A wedding ceremony is a celebration of love that goes back many, many years. Over time, weddings have certainly changed but there are still some traditions that remain. It can be meaningful to incorporate some of the traditions you and your partner love and put your own personal twist on those traditions.


  1. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Tradition Explained: All of these different items are procured to bring good fortune to the bride. Something old connects the bride to her past, something new is a symbol of starting a new family, something borrowed is actually supposed to be from another happy couple so they can pass down their good fortune and something blue is associated with faithfulness.


Personalize the Tradition: It’s a sweet way to bring in some personal mementos, like your grandmother’s bracelet or your sister’s veil.


  1. Wedding Party

Tradition Explained: While not all couples have a big wedding party, most couples do at least choose one person to stand alongside them as best man or maid of honor. Back in the day, the best man was actually chosen to help make sure the bride didn’t escape. On the flip side, the bridesmaids were all there and dressed similarly to confuse other suitors and the evil spirits as to who the bride was.


Personalize the Tradition: In the south, it’s common for the best man to be the groom’s dad. Who you choose as a part of the wedding party is already personal but add an even more personal touch with unique attire choices, like mix and match bridesmaid dresses or custom ties for the groomsmen.


  1. Buried Bourbon

Tradition Explained: For a sunny wedding day, it’s said that burying a bottle of bourbon will keep the rain away. Anything’s worth a shot for a sunny wedding day, right?!


Personalize the Tradition: Using a bottle of your favorite whiskey is the obvious choice, but getting the bottle engraved and then displaying it in your home after the wedding is the ultimate personalization!


  1. First Look

Tradition Explained: There are a few tales behind this tradition. Way back when marriages were mostly arranged there was no first look so that the bride or groom couldn’t, say, walk away based-on appearances. In the Jewish tradition, it was actually the opposite. There has always been a first look because Jacob was tricked into marrying the sister of the woman he loved because he never saw her ahead of time.


Personalize the Tradition: You can do a first look with your bridesmaids or your dad for a special moment. You can exchange gifts or letters during your first look or if you are opting out of a first look, you can still do a first touch, you know those cute pictures of holding hands around a door.


  1. The veil

Tradition Explained: Originally, brides wore veils to protect them from evil and jealous spirits. It was also said that a veil was a way to help hide a bride’s face, going back to the reason for a first look in Jewish culture and the opposite, the reason for no first look in other cultures. 


Personalize the Tradition: Wear a family veil or have a veil custom made to match the detailing of your dress, like pearls or lace. Or go totally modern with the tradition and opt for a headpiece instead of the traditional veil.


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Photo credit [vetted]: Mosaic Photo