Part of lookingand feeling your best on wedding day is making sure you are stress-free. It’s no secret that wedding planning often causes stress. Hopefully, Bustld has helped take out some of that stress but just in case you are still feeling the heat, we have some tips on how to avoid and de-stress before the big day.

Avoid Stress

Obviously, the dream is to avoid stress all together. Aside from using Bustld to ensure you have the best possible vendors for wedding day, there are a few other steps you can take to avoid stress. 

First and foremost, ask for help. Whether that be professionally from a wedding planner, or on the side from your bridesmaids and family members, don’t be afraid to get help when you need it. Also, make sure you don’t let wedding planning take over your life. Don’t let yourself fall behind with your professional job. In fact stay ahead of the game there so that when wedding week rolls around it will be a smooth transition out of the office and into wedding weekend and your honeymoon

Allot for time off from planning. Make it a point to go out with your fiancé throughout the planning process and make wedding talk off limits. 

Coping With Stress

It’s possible that you haven’t been able to avoid stress and now you’re needing to release some of the pressure before wedding day. What should you do? Yoga is always a great way to calm your mind and take some time away mentally to relax. So is a spa day! Even though you may be trying to avoid alcohol, a glass of wine has always helped us!

In the end, remember what it’s all about and lean on the person you are going through it all with. Let them talk you down so you can remember that it’s the love that you have for this person this is all stemming from and you should focus on that – the rest doesn’t matter as much!

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