If you’ve decided to undertake a DIY project, stop reading this article and get started. Just kidding, keep reading (and take a look at some others, too!) but really, get started on any DIY projects as soon as possible. 

You’ll be surprised how long something might take, even though it looks pretty simple on paper. First of all, you’ve probably never done a project like this before (and if you have, good for you and keep doing you!) so you’re likely to underestimate the amount of time it takes. Not only the time it takes, but you might also underestimate the materials you need like your seating chart ended up using more glitter than you bought. Let’s not forget to account for the amount of time it is going to take to set up these items on wedding day. So, make sure your venue gives you enough time for set up before you go crazy with too many things. 

Also, if you have a long list of possible DIY projects, you’ll want to start the first ASAP so that you can keep moving down the list – or learn that you don’t have enough time to get through the list so need to start outsourcing some of these items. 

Once you’ve started your projects, make sure you have plans to finish them all well in advance of wedding day, at least a week if not more. This will help reduce stress and give you plenty of time the week of your wedding to worry about personal things, like getting your out of office up at work and greeting your family once they start to arrive in town. 

Then, fast forward to wedding day and you’ve got all these great homemade pieces and enough time to set them up, but how are they getting set up? You don’t want to have to run around the morning of your wedding putting table numbers on tables. Make sure you’ve figured out the logistics before the day is here (like hiring a planner!).

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Photo Courtesy of Traine Raleigh