Weddings are often decorated to the nines with everything from drapery hanging from the ceiling and flowers from the chandelier to monogramed escort cards and favors at each seat. But how do all of these details get done? Well, the easy answer is they are purchased as is and set up professionals. The other answer is that they are a DIY project.  

There are pros and cons to DIY projects when it comes to weddings. Should you make it yourself or should you just buy it? Let’s walk through both sides.


Saves Money

The obvious pro to a DIY project is it saves money. So, if your budget is tight and you just can’t justify the cost for the wooden monogrammed guest book you had your eye on, you might be able to make it yourself for way less.

Adds a Personal Touch

Knowing you made a piece of your wedding will not only bring a sense of accomplishment but will add a personal touch to your wedding day that brings value and meaning.  


Adds Stress 

Any additional work you might be adding to your plate on top of the actual wedding planning itself, your job, your school classes or whatever your commitments are could potentially mean adding more stress. 

Adds Time

A DIY project requires time, sometimes a lot depending on what type of project you are taking on. If you are already tight on time, this could become a problem and the last thing you want is a half-finished project the week of the wedding that you are worrying about getting it done in time. 

Adds Set Up 

If you are doing something yourself, that means you need to find someone to set it up for you on wedding day. You also need to make sure you have enough time for all the set up you are adding. 

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Photo: Mac Jones Photography