When we had the chance to chat with wedding dress designer extraordinaire, Hayley Paige you know we had to get the insider scoop on wedding dress trends. So, here are wedding dress trend predictions for the next year, straight from the source herself!



Wedding dresses will become more and more of an expression of the bride’s personal style than a specific neckline or fabric that brides gravitate to.


“My favorite thing about the industry right now is that it's so eclectic and it seems that, more and more, brides are willing to be really expressive and express their personality through their dress,” Hayley told us. “And I feel like I'm proud of the industry itself because I feel, if you just look a few years back, it's like, once a dress is popular, it seems like everybody is doing that, like, everyone's rocking strapless satin and that's the way it goes and then it was all-over sheath lace and you could really pinpoint those trends and right now, I feel like it's a little bit harder to really say, across the board, this is what's happening.”



We love when a bride has more than one look on wedding day but the logistical side of having to change dresses isn’t always fun. With interchangeable dresses, all you have to do is take off your skirt or remove your sleeves and your dress looks like a different one.


“I think one of my favorite things to design into right now is interchangeability, so a dress that has an overskirt or a detachable strap so that you can rock your dress more ways than one,” said Hayley.



Aside from the fact that with sleeves you don’t have to worry about pulling your dress up all night, sleeves bring the drama and add some extra romance to a bride’s look, so we can’t wait to see more and more of this.


“I'm a big fan of sleeves right now, so anything that's dramatic and has a little bit of coverage on the sleeve is fun,” Hayley said.


Contemporary Accessories

Another way bride’s will express their personal style and unique look will be with accessories that are not traditional to wedding day. So, taking something they love from their everyday style, like a jean jacket and mixing that into their look on wedding day.


“I've always loved that veil moment and I love a contemporary accessory mixed in like a cool cowboy hat or a faux leather jacket or something that's just like unexpected and gives you more of a rocker vibe,” explained Hayley. “So, I love that right now and you're seeing a lot of it styled into the wedding and then they have other pictures where it's not incorporated, so it's not like you have to commit to it all night long or something.”


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