The world as we know it has been changed by COVID-19. Some these changes have certainly been unwelcome – we're looking at you, social gathering limitations. But other changes, like grocery delivery and carry-out cocktails from our favorite restaurants, we're on board with. Another change we can get on board with is the changes that we're starting to see in wedding registries.


On our latest Every Day I’m Bustlin’ podcast episode, we were joined by Emily Forrest, the director of communications at Zola, to talk to us a little bit about what's happening in wedding registries in the midst of the coronavirus.


More in Tune

With most people at home all of the time now, it’s easier for them to see what they are using, what they aren’t using and what they wish they had. This makes registering a little easier because couples know exactly what they want. They are more in tune with their needs and their wishes.


“I think that couples might be even more in-tune with what they need to register for now because they're actually at home and they're actually using everything that they would want in their home. So, I think for me, I have been staring around my home now and thought, ‘wow, I need more artwork.’ So, I think that couples will actually know what they want even more than ever before,” said Emily.


Still Gift Giving

A constant remains in all that madness and that’s that guests still want to give gifts. A wedding is one of the biggest days in a person’s life and people still want to celebrate that with the tradition of gift giving.


“One thing we've also seen is that guests really just want to give gifts, no matter what the situation is. So, I think that's really nice… But I definitely think that we're seeing, even if you decide to have a virtual shower, if you decide to just delay or completely postpone all of your events, guests still want to send you something,” Emily explained. “We also know that guests want to send you something even if they can't make it. So, if you need to downsize your wedding, most guests have told us that they still want to send you a gift, which is really nice.”


Virtual Gifting

It’s no secret that wedding events are going virtual (especially with the help of LoveStream!), so how does that affect physical gifts guests traditionally bring to those events? Simply put, it doesn’t. Rather than bringing gifts, guests just mail the gifts, which has been happening recently, anyways. For an event like a bridal shower where opening gifts is a part of the event, Emily had some great ideas.


“You could send your guests all bingo cards beforehand. I did this in person at one of my friends' showers and it was really fun. And then, as you're opening gifts, it's not people just staring at you. They're participating,” she suggested. “I think another idea is more of a virtual shower or a display shower. So, you could open all of your gifts in advance and just thank your guests on camera.”


The Classics Remain

There are always going to be those classic registry items that couples continue to register for year after year, pandemic or no pandemic. Registering for and getting those items is like a rite of passage into marriage. We asked Emily what the current, most popular items were.


“Le Creuset. Couples still love Wüsthof knives. That said, the number one gift on our site is a Kitchen Aid stand mixer,” Emily told us.


Price Points are Important

Especially now, everyone’s financial situation has changed so it’s important to be aware of that and register for a variety of different price points.


“When you're creating your registry, one thing to think about, now more than ever before, is to make sure that your guests have enough options to choose from and also as many price points to choose from as possible. Just because people are in such different situations than ever before, like financially. And then, they might want to send you something they might not normally have wanted to send you,” explained Emily.


Treat Registering Special

Registering can be a really fun part of the wedding planning process. Don’t lose out on that fun. Even if you can’t go into a store and pick out things in person, make it a point to set aside time to register and make a thing of it.


“Make it a date night. I think that registering is really one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process because you're just asking for the things that you really want and have been thinking about for a long time,” Emily said. “So, if you're registering, especially right now, put it on your calendar. Open wine. Make some ravioli. And stick together and register.”


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