A lot of couples now-a-days are skipping the traditional wedding registries and opting for more out of the box ideas. Since many couples have started living together before getting married they end up buying most of the “normal” items found on a registry. Things like plates, bowls, blenders and crockpots have often already been bought by the couple themselves. Instead of asking for more traditional house items, couples have started coming up with new unique registry items.


Are you one of those couples that already has most of the house things they need? Check out these new ideas to add to your registry!



If you are planning to take a honeymoon, ask guests to contribute funds toward your trip. This can be just a dollar amount, or you can take it a step further and register for specific excursions on your trip. Maybe you want to swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas, zipline through the forest is Costa Rica or take a cooking class in Paris. Let your guests decide what kind of adventure they want to send you on!


Personal Interests

You’ve got all the kitchen and household items you need already so consider registering at a specialty store that you two have a shared interest in. If you are hikers or campers and could use a new tent or some hiking boots, try registering at REI. Maybe you two are work out fanatics and trying to build up your home gym, so you want to register at a sporting store. Find a fun alternative of a tangible item your guests can buy you that they know will last a long time and the two of you will enjoy together


Charitable Donations

Say you’ve got everything you could ever want or say you are just a very charitable person. In lieu of wedding gifts, ask your guests to make a charitable donation to the cause (or causes) of your choice. 


Pro Tip: This can also make a great favor alternative!


Memberships and Subscriptions

This can be a fun option for your guests to pick out. Anything from wine clubs to meal delivery services to a country club membership make for great options as a unique gift for your guests to get you. Always been wanting to try out that great whiskey tasting monthly subscription but don’t want to spend the money on it yourself? Add it to your registry!


Unusual Home Goods

Sure, you may have all the normal home goods like towels, sheets, silverware and baking sheets but what about the more unusual items? Maybe you’ve had your eye on this great wine fridge or you need new luggage for your upcoming honeymoon. These are great items to add to your registry that your guests will enjoy purchasing because they know it will get put to good use!


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Photo Credit: Critsey Rowe Photography