From the Planner’s Desk: Seating Assignments

Seating chart creation comes at the end of the wedding planning process and it can be hard to find the motivation to create one. While we understand it can be a daunting task, we believe it’s actually one of the most important! Assigning guests to tables gives guests clear direction on when and where to be which they prefer to aimless wandering.

Not to mention seating assignments relieve guest anxiety. They don’t have to worry about finding enough chairs together for their party or rushing from ceremony to reception so they can get a “good table.” Instead, guests can enjoy getting a drink at the bar and leisurely finding their way to their table when they are ready.

It also means you don’t need extra chairs, napkins and place settings (read: extra cost!) at seats that won’t be filled.

Use your creativity to come up with some fun escort cards or gorgeous seating charts. It’s a great way to add some more personality to your Charlotte wedding.

Happy planning!