There are probably a few must hear and specific big moment songs you know you will want during your wedding, as there should be. But if you are going to hire a professional, you should also trust them to fill in the blanks around that. According to Joe Bunn and Brandon Alley at Bunn DJ Company that’s the way it works best. 


“We definitely always ask for input from the couple on the songs they have to hear, their must-play songs,” said the DJs. “But also leaving us some flexibility to read the crowd and see what everybody's feeling is definitely great”


So, what does the music schedule look like on wedding day and what songs should you pick versus let your DJ pick? 


For starters, the ceremony is a big one. Leave it to your DJ to play appropriate slow prelude songs, but you should be specific for processional and even the recessional songs because those are personal moments. Not only what songs, but specifically the version of the song. While “Canon in D” is a common go-to for the bride’s processional there are tons of different versions out there, and you may have a favorite. 


During cocktail hour it’s the same thing as the prelude, leave it to your DJ to pick the right background music during this time. Once the reception starts, pretty much all the big moments deserve a special song you pick out yourself. The introductions and first dances, followed by the cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter removal and ending with the final song of the night are all times to consider a special song. For some of the less personal moments like the cake cutting or bouquet toss, you can leave it up to your DJ to surprise you with something if you don’t care all that much. After all, they have done this dozens of times so know what kind of music is deserving of that moment!


“We picked the cake cutting song this past weekend,” they said. “That moment is not nearly as important as the first dance, mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, and even ceremony music.” 


Aside from the big moment songs, your DJ can be trusted to read between the lines and pick great music to get your guests up and dancing. You’ll want to fill them in on any special songs you have to hear throughout the night – like maybe a song you and your bridesmaids jammed to back in college or honor your parents with their wedding song, but other than trust your DJ. Also, let them know if there are any songs you absolutely do not want to hear – they certainly don’t want to make you mad, but if you don’t tell them they won’t know!

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About this week’s guests: Joe Bunn started his DJ career at the age of 14. In the late 90s, he started Bunn DJ Company. The company grew from a couple of DJs to 15 of the area’s best mobile DJs. Over the past few years, Bunn DJ Company has expanded to Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VA and most recently San Diego, CA! The award-winning collection of DJs not only rocks thousands of parties every year but also provides unparalleled customer service.


Joe still DJs almost every weekend, but in recent years has also been helping other entrepreneurs across the country grow their businesses.

Brandon Alley has been around the DJ industry his whole life but began his professional DJing career in 2011 at the Bunn DJ Company headquarters before opening an office in Charlotte.


Photo Courtesy of Bunn DJ Company