Kaitlin from Rowan Lane Events is sharing all her wedding timeline tips – specifically why the planner’s timeline reigns supreme and what your other vendors need to know and understand about the master timeline.



Because that is literally their job. Logistics = Life (anyone want to make me a needle point pillow of this?!) The things is… we already talked to all of the other vendors, the venue and the client about what happens and when it happens. Y’all, we have this one! Your planner has that sweet drone flyover view of your event that helps them to put the right people in the right place at the right time so that all your vendors need to do is what they do best.


There are a lot of vendors out there that offer “event management” or websites that offer “timeline templates” but at the end of the day your event is unique and that means someone with experience needs to be fitting the puzzle pieces together throughout the planning process as well as on the day of.


What your vendors need to understand is while your planner is on “Team Bride and Groom,” we are all co-workers in this industry. Another part of the planner’s job is to make sure everyone has what they need to provide the best service they can. That usually starts with info about where to be and when! We want to make sure everyone succeeds because that means WE succeed! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork



When it is time to start writing the timeline, the first thing to look up is sunset time which will impact your ceremony start time. While you can absolutely take photos without light or in the evening, remember:

1) natural light rocks and you should plan around it and
2) nighttime photos will not turn out if you don’t inform your photographer that that is the plan. Like who can enjoy a pool party if you don’t remind them to bring a bathing suit, am I right?!



I never release a timeline to the vendor team without discussing it with the photographer. Specifically, for the reasons mentioned above. In five, 10, 15 years, all you will have left is the photos so let’s make sure you are setting your photographer (and all of your vendors) up for success!


There are so many pieces of the event that happen before you even see a wedding guest: hair and makeup, transportation, mimosas, oh my! There are so many fun things to do, we want to make sure you have enough time to fit it all in. So, sit back, relax and let your wedding planner make your event timeline, your DJ play music, and your photographer snap sweet pictures with their drone.


We’re here to make your big day a logistical dream come true!

Photo thanks to Jamie Blow Photography.