Gone are the days when a Charlotte wedding photographer showed up to take a handful of family portraits and a snapshot or two of the ceremony. Now, photographers spend as many as 12 hours with the clients on wedding day! In a similar manner, Charlotte wedding videography has plunged into all-day coverage (no, Uncle Joe, we don’t need to borrow your camcorder, thanks!). 

Two creative teams sharing the space, light and couple’s time on wedding day can lead to some ruffled feathers. Below are some handy tips for choosing a photo/video team for your Charlotte wedding that will give you the best bang for your buck! 

  • Choose creatives with a similar vision. If one of your creative teams loves candid moments and the other constantly interrupts candid moments to give instructions for posing or moving, then no one gets the footage they need. When interviewing photography and videography teams, be sure to ask what their vision is and how they typically go about capturing it. 
  • Consider skill level of both teams before hiring. There is nothing worse than skimping on one and splurging on the other when it comes to photos and video. One vendor’s lack of experience or thoughtfulness could easily have negative effects on the other vendor’s final product. It goes without saying that cheap vendors are a risky bet.  
  • Ask how much portrait time each team will need. We cannot stress enough how important this is! Without enough time written into the schedule, your creative teams may not be able to capture what they need without stepping on each other’s toes. This information is important to also relay to your wedding planner or coordinator. 
  • Confirm how many shooters will be at your wedding. This is a big factor to keep in mind as more cameras equals less angles to shoot from. This is especially true of indoor venues and getting ready locations, as they are often already crowded with family and wedding party members (some of whom add to the chaos by constantly taking photos/video on their phones). Best way to find a team that works well together? Ask your photographer, videographer or planner for recommendations!

*Photo courtesy of Rob+Kristen Photography