From Pinterest to Facebook to Instagram, and everything in between, social media has become an ever present part of life. So when it comes to big life events – graduations, engagements, babies and, of course, weddings – it’s hard to avoid the social media funnel. There are pros and cons to different platforms, so throughout the wedding process keep these things in mind!


Pinterest Secret Boards

It’s nearly impossible to avoid Pinterest while planning a wedding. It’s the go to place for inspirational photos and ideas for décor (although our local Wedspiration boards are also pretty great, shameless plug!) – and it should be! But don’t forget to make those wedding boards private – especially any dress inspiration pins. Avoid spoiling the surprise of the wedding day look with this easy feature.



We get it, we’ve been there. It’s exciting to be planning a wedding and everything leading up to it. Keep in mind, that not everyone wants to hear about the expensive knife block wedding gift that came in the mail the other day or about the cute welcome sign you just bought… especially if they weren’t invited to share in your big day! It’s one thing to share the big moments, like the bachelorette or the wedding shower but avoid sharing too much. People should share in your excitement, not dread seeing posts about wedding things.



Do take advantage of a wedding hashtag! It’s a great way to keep all wedding related pictures centralized that both you and your guests take. Create the hashtag early and publicizes it so pictures from all events can be tagged– engagement party, bridal shower, etc. 


Put the hashtag on display at all of the events, most importantly at the wedding reception. It can be displayed in picture frames at the bar, on cocktail napkins and favors like koozies.



While it’s good to encourage guests to take pictures and share them using the wedding hashtag, it’s not always a good thing. Imagine walking down the aisle to the love of your life and… you can’t see him/her because there is an iPad in your way! Or that you finally get your amazing wedding photos back and there are iPhones in every picture. Not good!


At a minimum, consider making your ceremony unplugged (meaning no guests should be using electronics). The ceremony is a more sacred time and it can mean everything to be in that moment with you.


There are a few ways to publicize an unplugged ceremony: display a sign at the entrance to the ceremony site, include a note in the ceremony program or have the officiant make an announcement. Opt to do one (or all three!) of these things to make it clear!


Photo Credit: McCardell Photography