Welcome your guests to your wedding weekend with a gift bag filled with goodies when they check into the hotel. Especially for those out of town guests, a bag filled with snacks and souvenirs is the perfect treat after a long day of travel. Enhance the guest experience and treat them to something nice with these ideas you can fill your welcome bag with!

Something Salty

When you stay in a hotel, you don’t always have easy access to snacks so give your guests something they can snack on. Small bags of chips, crackers or pretzels are a great thing to throw in your welcome bag.

Something Sweet

Everyone has a sweet tooth, so balance out the salty snack with a sweet treat like a few Hershey kisses or some chocolate truffles. 


Don’t let your guests get dehydrated, especially with all those snacks. You know everyone will be reaching for a water the morning after, after all that drinking and dancing!

Energy Drink

It’s going to be a long night filled with fun so give your guests something to give them that extra pep in their step. 

Local Product

For those guests from out of town, it’s nice to show off a little piece of your city and include something local. Whether that be no-name local honey or a household brand that happens to be made in your city. 


If your wedding city has a local magazine that highlights some of the city’s sights and restaurants, pick up copies to share with your guests.  


Give your guests something to keep and take home with them. 


We’ve all seen the high prices of a hotel room’s mini bar, so equip your guests with their own little mini bar! We love everything from mini champagne bottles to minis of your favorite liquor.


Aside from the water that your guests are bound to need the morning after, they’ll likely feel relieved when they remember your welcome bag included some Advil! 

Photo Courtesy of Honeysuckle Events