It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. Couples are often left wondering why that is. So today, we’re going to do our best to help you understand why. Starting with flowers.


Flowers are often a large chunk of the wedding budget. It’s not as simple as paying for the flowers you want; you get a whole lot more when you hire a professional florist. Here’s what there is to consider.


Consultations and Creative Design

You will probably have at the very least one, if not a handful of, consultations and design sessions with your florist. This is factored into their pricing. You are paying for their time during the consultations, as well as their creative expertise they use to help you design your wedding. If you didn’t have their creative input would your design look the way you hoped?


Actual Product

Of course there is the cost of the actual flowers you have to pay for. It’s pretty straight forward on this piece of the cost.



Your centerpieces are likely being displayed in vases. Well, where are those vases coming from? Is your florist letting you use theirs? Well, then the cost of those rental items you are being allowed to use are factored into their costs. Sure, you could buy your own but what would you do with all those vases after the fact? And would it be more cost-effective to buy your own or have the cost bundled into your florist budget?



Everything your florist does for you takes their time. All of the designing sessions, building and changing proposals, ordering your flowers, prepping the bouquets and centerpieces, and so on. You get paid when you spend time doing anything for your job, why shouldn’t they?


Delivery, Set Up and Tear Down

Your wedding florist will need to spend time and effort and likely require help from other employees to transport your flowers, set everything up and then tear it all down on the back end. You didn’t think they were going to do all of that for free, did you?


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Photo credit: Taylor Square Photography