Weddings can add up quickly. Often, it might have you wondering what exactly it is that drives those costs. Especially when it comes to wedding vendors. So, we’ve decided to break down exactly what contributes to the cost of certain things. There are hard costs and there are soft costs to consider.


So, what goes into the cost of a wedding photographer? Well, obviously there’s the pictures you get, but it’s more than that.



Depending on what kind of package you book with a photographer, the number of different sessions can drive costs up. If you include anything outside of wedding day, like engagement, bridal or boudoir photos, price will increase.



The number of hours your photographer is contracted to be on site contributes to the cost. Think of them as an hourly employee. If they work 10 hours instead of 8 hours, there’s a difference is what they should make.


Second Shooter

Some photographers automatically include a second shooter, for some it’s an addition. Either way, they have to pay this person so that will affect the overall costs they have, affecting your budget.



This is obviously the product they are supplying you with, therefore you must pay for the product.



It takes a photographer time to edit photos. So, consider again our hourly employee analogy. If it takes a photographer 3 hours to edit photos, they need to be compensated for the hours worked.



If a physical album is included in your packages, this is another hard cost of a product they must pass on to you in their costs.



Consider how experienced your photographer is in the cost. Just like with an employee, someone with 3 years of experienced isn’t going to be paid the same as someone with double the number of years in experience.


Photo credit: Amia Marcell Photography