One of the first things people ask you when they find out you are engaged – no matter how long it’s been – is “when’s the date?” Well lady, I’ve been engaged for an hour so I don’t know but thanks for asking! Trouble is, everyone will be asking – especially your vendors! You can’t book a vendor without a date and you don’t have a date without a – you guessed it – venue! So How do you pick a wedding venue?


Long story short there are a lot of ways to pick a venue so let’s discuss the top-four major factors:



Traditionally weddings occur in the bride’s hometown. It is assumed that her parents or family still live in this location and will be a source of support for her as she plans her big day. But life is different these days for many of us so perhaps you’d like to get married in his hometown or the current town you live in or even a destination space both of you would enjoy. These locations each have their own challenges and comforts.


2.) DATE

Maybe you’d like a specific date like your parent’s anniversary or perhaps it is more general (like fall). Either way many venues book 12-18 months in advance so chat with your families and fiancé to see what fits well for your schedules. Some venues may have off-season pricing at lower rates. Keep in mind, that in addition to getting a better price on your venue many other vendors will be in their slow season as well and therefore more likely to be available for your event. Once you've picked what works for you then go ahead and book the date of your dreams!



You will be happiest picking a venue that is a reflection of you: a barn for a sweet country girl or a science museum for a couple of chemists. A lot of what we see on TV and in movies have been your traditional country club or ballroom wedding but don’t let that limit your creativity; the possibilities to think outside the box are endless. Regardless of whether you decide to go with a ballroom or a backyard we often hear that the biggest deciding factor is…



How much time, vision, effort and expertise is it going to take to produce the event you are dreaming of? Do you have a flexible work schedule so you can go on site visits, rentals viewings, florist appointments and cake tastings? Or do you need those things to be included at your venue? Are you trying to put together a look that has a specific feel and you’d like the option of bringing all the right pieces into the space or are you ok with standard linen options? No matter what you’re going for in a wedding or event, the big question is can you go it alone? If not, consider hiring a planner to help you with the overwhelming task of choosing the right venue for you (and all the other elements of wedding day!).


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Photo courtesy of wedding planner Rowan Lane