Imagine this: you got married and it was a beautiful day. You thought out every decor detail from the card box to the table numbers. But, now, you have all these pieces you're likely never going to use again.

Instead of letting them sit in a box and collect dust or throwing them in the trash, sell them.

We recently chatted with Snag My Wedding founder Tammy Bowser on our podcast. Snag My Wedding was launched in 2012 as platform for couples to buy or sell their wedding items. After being a matron of honor in her cousin's wedding, Tammy was surprised that there was not an easy way to resell items from your wedding to another couple, so she built Snag My Wedding.

She wanted to create a one-stop-shop for buying or selling your wedding items like the dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, suits, ties, decor, basically all the things that come along with a wedding. Anyone who has been married probably has a few boxes of items tucked away in their attics that are just taking up space; Tammy is here to prevent that.

Here is a little sneak peek at our conversation with Tammy…

Bustld: Tell us a little bit about you. How did this get started? How did you come up with this idea?

Tammy: I mean, the story is just as you described in the beginning. Like all of us, I was in a wedding - it was my cousin's wedding - we're from a huge family in Louisiana and we just all came together to help her with this wedding.

Now, imagine, for just a moment… being up all night setting that wedding up and then getting up the next morning and standing there for several hours for the wedding. And then, coming back and taking everything down.

So that is what happened. I went through that process and once we were back in her home and she put everything in the living room - just piled it in the living room - I was like, “So what are we going to do with this next?” And she was like, “I don't know.”

She we just kind of went about it her way but, you know, me coming from a finance background, someone who is always looking for a way to improve a process, I thought to myself on my drive home, wait a minute, there has to be a platform out there that lets someone, essentially, "snag" someone's entire wedding. And when I didn't find that, I was like, well, I'm going to create it.

So, once I got home, I thought about it and I said, okay, there's nowhere to do this. You have Craig’s List, you have all these different things where you can list things but there was nowhere that showcased the wedding in the way that the bride used the items and then even allowed you to essentially snag the entire wedding because most weddings are themed-based, color based, and also location-based. So, I took those three components and said I'm going to make a website that allows you to shop by color, theme or location to buy someone's entire wedding. Or even pieces, if that's what you're looking for.

Bustld: That’s so smart. So, are most people selling their full wedding, like all of their decor and things like that?

Tammy: Mostly it's the dress, but the decor is major. Because if you think about it, the decor is bought in lots. They're 10 of these, 12 of those, and they all kind of coordinate and go together and once you're done with that, you may want one vase for your home, but you don't want 12.

Normally, that's what I see, you got the tablecloths, you got things like the napkin ring holders, all these things and what I found is a lot of people say that they go into it thinking, oh, I'll just rent the items from the venue. But what they've been finding and being savvy with that great thing called Amazon, they're able to buy the items much cheaper than they are able to rent them, so they are thinking to themselves, I'll just buy it, even if I don't use it again, it's mine and I didn't rent it and waste my money. And so, you have tablecloths; those are big, those are easy, they come in 10s, 12s, 30s, and you're never going to use 30 tablecloths again.

No matter how you talk yourself into buying it, you're never going to use 30 tablecloths again; no matter how much rose gold you love.

Bustld: Exactly. So, what's the secret to selling items quickly as a former bride?

Tammy: Well, you know, it's the way the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." So, with the image that you use, I always tell the couple upfront and I let them know, when you're ready to start thinking about selling your wedding, you've already paid a photographer to take pictures, so tell the photographer upfront, “I'm reselling everything,” that way they incorporate your wedding images in with the images of the items you want to sell. They get the up-close, they get the nice, high resolution photos. And then, at the end, you take those same photos, upload them to my website and then you use those to price out everything and resell it.

Bustld: So, from a buyer's perspective, how do you suggest they shop the site, what should they look for in a listing, do they come in with existing colors, how do you suggest they start the process of snagging someone else's wedding?

Tammy: I've set the website up to where you can see an image of an item, but you can also double click into that item and you can see the entire wedding that the person's selling. So, I say start shopping, find an item that you like and then once you find that item that you like, once you click into that person's wedding, you're going to find more stuff that matches and coordinates and you're going to like the rest. That's how it's set up now and most people enjoy shopping that way, they like to be inspired at first and then kind of lead them to what you want them to get to.

Bustld: Especially with the dress, do you have any advice on how to buy a dress? I mean, I'm nervous to buy clothes online – period - let alone a wedding dress. So, what is your advice when you're buying a wedding dress online in this kind of situation?

Tammy: I say ask for more pictures. There's never a problem with asking someone for more photos, because when they upload their items, they get some pretty detailed pictures, they're getting what they think is important to you; but I say go back as many times as you need to. Ask them, “Can I see the stock image?” if you're not comfortable with the image that they showed you, give me some more information so I can do the research on my own to make sure what I'm looking at is what I believe it is. Again, I think if you have a question, just ask. That's my biggest advice.

Bustld: Okay, so we talked a little bit about it, but what about pricing items? Presumably, you're saving money by doing it this way, right? So, tell me a little bit about that, how is it typically priced and what's your advice on that?

Tammy: This is a good one because people think their items are worth more than they should be sometimes. You kind of have to level-set and think about, yes, you purchased an item for $100, but now you've used that item, other people have sat on that item or something like that, so I usually go with the nice round number of 50% off. Just mark it down 50%, and then you don't have to worry about the haggling. There's an option on my website, you put the original price so the customer can see, yes, this started at $1000 and now I'm selling this dress for $500, so they feel like they're getting a bargain.


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Photo credit: The Golden Collective Photography