Now that you’re prepped and ready for your first dress shopping appointment, what should you expect when the day actually arrives? We’re breaking down what to expect at that initial dress shopping appointment and we’ve got the pros Michelle Miller and Lindsey Principi Of Maddison Row to help us!

How long will it take?

Prepare to spend up to two hours at your first consultation, but you won’t spend that whole time trying on dresses. Since it’s the first time you will be meeting your stylist, they will spend some time getting to know you and your style – which is why it is important to have some inspiration prepped!

Also, remember dresses can take time to get in and out of. Some have a lot of buttons and some have multiple layers and pieces. Plus, you want to make sure you take time to feel each dress – how it sits, how it moves and how it feels. 

Who should come with me?

As much as you love all your girls, you want to be as selective as possible when deciding who to bring with you. Bring the most important women in your life whose opinions your trust. Usually this boils down to your mom, a sister, a maid of honor and maybe your soon-to-be mother in law. Too many cooks in the kitchen never ends well.

“Keep it to your closest friends or family because too many opinions can make it not a fun experience,” said Michelle and Lindsey. “You want to be able to hear yourself think and you want to be able to really trust your instincts versus just having a lot of noise.”

How many dresses will I try on?

Unless you absolutely, positively know what kind of dress you want, you will probably start with about 8-10 dresses. And even if you know what style you think you want, it’s always a good idea to try on different looks. Not just because you may end up loving something you didn’t think you would, but it may solidify you do in fact love the style you thought. 

What if I am on the fence and not ready to commit yet?

Then don’t do it, simply put. No bridal shop should make you feel pressured to make a decision if you are unsure. Go home, sleep on it and think about it. When you know, you'll know. 

How will I know my size? What if I’m working out more?

Leave it to the professionals and let your stylist help you figure out your size. And remember, wedding dress sizes can sometimes greatly differ from regular dress sizing depending on the designer.

If you are on a pre-wedding diet and whipping your butt into shape, good for you! But be mindful that there will come a time when you do need to commit to your size and your weight, which will likely be once you start fittings. Sometimes with the stress and anxiety it can be hard to control, so make sure you schedule a final fitting right before wedding day to ensure everything is going to fit perfectly!

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About This Week’s Guests: Michelle Miller and Lindsey Principi of Maddison Row South have 20 years of combined experience in helping brides find their perfect wedding dress. After several years of helping brides single handedly, they joined forces to create the most unforgettable experience for brides while shopping for their gown. Their combined experience has allowed them to help every bride find a gown and make sure it is perfect for their big day.  

Photo Courtesy of Maddison Row South